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The Future begins
            While building up is started today !

ABLS Supplies and Servics

Always Best Logistic Services Company is one of the most experienced companies in Afghanistan up and running and is more fortunate to launch its performances in the field of logistic for the most successful accomplishment.

 Garments

 Furniture

 Foodstuff

 Gas

 Gasoline

 Fruit

 Vegetable

 Connex Houses

 Stationery

 Mobil Oil

 Kitchenware

 Office Equipment

 IT Equipment

 Computer Equipments

 Vehicles (Rental & Sales)

 Media Equipment

 Medical Equipment

 Police Cloths and Uniform

 Blankets and Mattresses

 Military Cloths and Uniform

 Stationery

 Medical Equipment

 Generator

 ICT Solution

Furniture, Computer And ITs Accessories

Whether it is office furniture,Furniture home, school or shelter we have them available. From any types of rugs to bunk beds and living room sets

Computer & Electronics

Always Best Logistic Services Service Company carries most computer brand name and electronics from laptops to desktops and servers. From small home printers to the most advanced office printers of all brand names. Our IT infrastructure is controlled by a professional IT with qualifications ranging from network and server security to concrete software programming. We provide all sorts of IT services. This gives us advanced strategic and expertise to put us ahead of our competitors and ahead in the computer industry.Computers